Our Core Dynamics

Our Core Dynamics® are the DNA of our business. It’s how we help our clients to increase revenue and reduce cost.

Our services are wide ranging but the benefits they deliver are clear. Everything we do helps our clients to either:

Acquire new sales and market share
Retain customers and enhance their experience of your brand
Improve your focus on core business and reduce operational costs

We call these our three Core Dynamics and by aligning our services around them, you can see the services you might need in order to achieve the commercial goals you have.

They help us to better recruit, develop and appraise our staff. We can ensure our Acquirers, Retainers and Improvers have the different skills they need while staying focused on the shared goal of making a difference for their respective brands.

They help us in our quest to be worldclass innovators too. If an idea doesn’t help our clients to Acquire, Retain or Improve, it will never become a Parseq service.

Our Core Dynamics also unify our heritage companies and employees that now make up the Parseq brand and continue to shape us as we all move forward together.

Welcome to our family.


Our clients increase market share and sales with our range of highly regulated multi-channel customer acquisition services. These include:


Applications and Forms Processing

Pick, Pack and Fulfilment


e-Enquiry Handling



Our clients retain market share and maximise customer experience through our multi-channel customer retention services. These include:


Inbound Mail Management

Outbound Correspondence Handling

Order Fulfilment




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