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Meet our CPR Superhero… Suzanne O’Neill, learning and development business partner


Meet our CPR Superhero… Suzanne O’Neill, learning and development business partner

Meet Suzanne O’Neill, learning and development business partner and now, thanks to #16in16, a Parseq superhero and a key employee that has been able to train fellow staff with CPR.

Read what Suzanne thinks of the firm’s #16in16 campaign in partnership with the British Heart Foundation and Barclays and why she’s sharing her experience with others.

Q1. What have you learned in your CPR training?

I learned a simple aide memoire that is easy to recall in a crisis situation – Call, Push, Rescue or CPR!

Each year many people need CPR and the quicker you can start it, the better chance the person has of survival.

During the training, we heard many people recalling how their CPR training helped save another person’s life. These stories demonstrate how much of an impact your training can have on another life.

Q2. How do you now feel about the prospect of assisting someone with CPR?

The #16in16 training has made me feel a lot more confident if someone needed me to perform CPR.

Before my training I would have been nervous about helping someone with CPR, but now I wouldn’t hesitate to help someone if they needed my assistance.

Q3. Did anything you learned surprise you? 

A couple of things surprised me. The first was how rigorous the compressions should be along with how many inches you are required to push down on the chest for the CPR to be effective.

I was surprised that you may break the person’s ribs whilst you are performing CPR. However, this is a small price to pay to save a life.

Q4. What have you said to your family and friends about what you’re doing?

I have made my family and friends aware of the difference you can make to someone’s life by starting CPR as quickly as possible and also how important it is to provide defibrillator kits for schools.

A few of my friends are teachers and they were unaware that they could apply for the defibrillator kits on the British Heart Foundation website.  Having this option available for schools is an excellent way to raise awareness and perhaps save a life.

Q5. How do you feel about your new skill?

I feel very proud with my new skill and that I could potentially save someone’s life.

Now that I know the proper technique, I would feel confident performing CPR on someone in need.

Q6. How do you feel about working for an employer that gets involved in these kinds of initiatives?

Parseq has always been an employer who is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and fundraising.

By giving employees an opportunity to learn a new life skill that could potentially save a life is an amazing initiative.

Q7. Would you encourage anyone else to do this training?

I would absolutely encourage everyone to take part in CPR training and learn the basics as a minimum.

You never know what you will be faced with day to day and when you may be able to help someone in need and save their life.

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